The Title.

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I am happy, not that I’m making it obvious or anything! I cannot believe how ridiculously quickly this semester went. I has literally been non-stop. Sinead did say that, I can definitely hear her heavy Irish accent telling us day 1 to put our heads down & work our arses off otherwise the work just won’t get done. Here are some pictures of my final packaging.

IMG_0344 IMG_0345 IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0349 IMG_0350 IMG_0351

I am ridiculously happy with it. I cannot believe how lovely it turned out, I think it sets the vibe, tone, setting and context of the film along with an element of surprise and intrigue. I would have liked to have filled the bottle up with beer but on the off chance that the lid came off, I would prefer it to be empty then spilt all over my project and potentially other people’s projects. I have loaded my animated Production Company Logo, my Title Sequence and Film onto my bottle head USB but my link on Vimeo is only the Logo and Title as the movie was over 500mg. I am pretty happy with my title sequence, I think it is a little samey but I truly think I shot myself in the foot a little by using live footage because there is a fine line between having too much text animation which then fights for attention over the footage. However I 100% believe that it sets up the tone and feel for my movie. The ending creates a bit of mystery and intrigue for what is to come next.

Click HERE for the link. I hope you like it!

putting it together

IMG_0337 IMG_0335 IMG_0336Today I have spent the day running around printing, trimming, cutting, measuring, taping and rendering. It has been a long day. I have finally got all the moving parts to fit together. I am just waiting to get the .mov off a girl in my group last semester and take some nicer photos of the final product. Once I have the final .mov I can then attach it to the animated prod logo and title sequence, then add that to vimeo. It sounds like a lot but considering its the night before and the hand in is at 1pm I am very okay with this! Now for bed. I am sick of assessments!

mockups & sound

IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331I have still been playing around with my title sequence, trying to add a little more pizazz and spark. I have added some sound effects to make the ending more in theme with the film, for example the end of the title sequence finishes with a bottle smashing and it fades into nothing. I have also been playing around with titles, adding an ‘animation preset’ called ‘tv warp’, where it just flickers like static, on and off. I have also mocked up my dvd booklet, I have only made some minor adjustments, like moving and scaling down some elements. All easy fixes!

speaking to sinead

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 7.09.56 pm


After speaking to Sinead, I realised that I had a few things missing in line for the due date…. For example I forgot that I needed to have a specific font for the A3 poster bottom, ‘Steel Tongs’, which has the small superscript style font imbedded into the lower case letters. On the poster I also forgot to do the physical address of the venue along with an email address. The amendments are above.

I also forgot that I had to make up my DVD label. I sketched it a few days ago, showing a very simple layout that included everything required for the brief whilst in keeping with the signature “Bottled” look. I will make them up next.

speaking to john

So I have been liaising with John in order to make sure my title sequence is on track. Whilst I can see it isn’t quite there yet, I think I am at a much better point than others who have said they haven’t even started. I am finished, just need to add some excitement to it. John suggested I look at the title sequence ‘Snatch’ to get some ideas about creating more drama and excitement into my work. So I started playing around on photoshop and have come up with this.


It is a still I have taken from my footage that will cause a freeze, with a super stylised, hyperrealistic look, using my colour palette and paper bag effect on the background to create texture.

Here is the link to show my current progress


79544b6f82c09af08e60bbbced8f7609So a few weeks ago I bought this bottle opener/usb device, its 32gb from Kogan, cost me $25. The tight-arse part of me thinks, what a bloody rip-off! But the other part of me thinks, I’ll use that again, even though me spending that much money doesn’t guarantee a good mark!
The plan is to attach this and a little booklet to the bottle, holding together the ‘paper bag’. The primary use of my usb is to hold all of the ‘DVD’ items necessary to meet the requirements of the brief, however I think the bottle opener adds to the look and feel of the packaging experience.

almost there!

IMG_0273 IMG_0274 IMG_0275 Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 7.04.27 pmMockup number 3! Above is the scanned & traced label of the original Pure Blonde neck label as well as my printed version. I am so happy with how it turned out it fits so much better than my flat/square version. I really like the layout too, there are only some small changes with increasing copy sizes for “Directed by…” and the “Synopsis”. I think I may need to bring down the sizes of the neck label copy so they aren’t competing too much with the ‘Bottled’ logo.

Even though I have only been using my cheap printer, I have been speaking to my printer asking him if he can give me a gloss/waxed paper with a thin gsm to make the label look more realistic. For my poster I will print it on a recycled print 80gsm to give the paper bag feel.

pauses & black outs

Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.18.09 pm Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 12.44.28 pmAfter only complaining for the 11th time.. today, I have been having a play with pauses and black outs. I went back into Premiere and re-exported each section of film separately so I could manipulate them better in After Effects. Whilst I know there are far more effects and special whiz bang gadgets for manipulating film in Premiere, I have no knowledge on how to use them in the slightest. After re-exporting them I have brought them back into AE and made them each into separate comps, I split the footage to allow some breathing space for my titles, ensuring they can have more of a focus and impact. I think it is really starting to come together but I’ll wait to show John tomorrow so he can give me some more direction.

something different.

I REFUSE to go back down the same track as last my last assessment, however after playing around with my title sequence, I can see it isn’t very jazzy, nor does it currently possess jazz hands and thats what I need to be proud of this and bump up my grade. My problem with my title is that I haven’t done it in illustrator, it is heavily dependant on the real footage, meaning that I really can’t be too fancy with my title design. I have worked in After Effects just using illustrator for another subject this semester & I know I am actually quite good at it, I could have done some more kinetic type and been more creative & playful. I just feel really limited with what I can do. Also even though I’ve spent a lot of time on my title, it still looks like I whipped it up in a few minutes.. Man, I complain a lot? But it’s a blog, so I’m allowed to!

I have been looking at art of the title and watching titles that are only copy and footage and their approach is very similar to mine, the footage is the main focus and the titles are secondary, barely meant to be noticed.